Baby Development

Baby Development Stages

Every baby weight is different don’t worry. From helpless newborn to active toddler: It takes just 12 short months for your baby to undergo this incredible transformation. Babies grow and change at an astounding pace, and every month brings new and exciting developments.

New moms and dads often wonder what to expect next and how to know if their baby’s development is on target. Instead of focusing too much on developmental milestones, however, it’s important to remember that babies all develop at their own pace. There’s a fairly wide “window” for when it is normal for a baby to reach a particular developmental stage.

“If your baby reaches one milestone sooner, she may reach another one later, because she’s so busy perfecting the other skill,”

Some babies may say their first word at eight months, while others don’t talk until a little after the one-year mark. And walking may start anytime between nine and 18 months.

For most new mums, it’s hard enough to remember the first day of your newborn’s life but time flies, and it is so true in your first year of motherhood. Before you know it, your tiny, helpless baby is approaching and becoming a toddler, and you’re left wondering where the weeks have gone and sometimes missing the past early weeks!

Keeping those kinds of variations in mind, here’s what your baby may be doing during each month stage of the first year.

Baby Development Stages

Dealing with Chores

Unfortunately, housework never goes away, and after a baby it piles up at an even more alarming rate. With less time and a lot less energy, this can seem like a daunting task. Don’t expect your other half to be a mind-reader, just ask for them to help out. Please and thank you goes a long way, too. Dealing with Chores will be an issue, Appreciate the little things each other does, because on certain days, a full bowl of washing up may drive you crazy.

Potty Training

I can help your child deal with it

rust me, potty training doesn’t have to be hard or stressful. Even as a first-time single mom with no dad in the house to help out, I managed to potty train my son in less than a week (actually, 5 days!), and you can too. Read on to find out how I did it.

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