About Us

About Us

Welcome to parenthood!
Our priority is to answer those questions we all have on bringing up new babies. As with everything, we have lots of questions and we believe that there are no easy answers in parenting. You’ll often find that in our blog posts we engage in conversations either seeking or providing advice while trying to balance a nourishing environment. We are here to support you adapt to the new joys and responsibilities of your new parenting role so feel confident in how to interact and nurture your baby.
We welcome all styles of parenting as we can all learn from each other. We don’t believe there is such a thing as a perfect parenting style. In fact, we see crazy humor in our diverse parenting imperfections.  So, join us to learn, support others and laugh at the magical but complex experience of being a new parent.

 Do you have questions on:

  • Baby and development stages
  • Why isn’t baby rolling over/crawling yet?
  • Slow weight gain
  • Sleep habits
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Best games for baby’s brain development
  • Is it ‘baby blues’ or postnatal depression? Talk to us.

Let us support you or act as a buffer against those emotional factors that can compromise your relationship with your baby, for example, postnatal depression, anxiety and relationship difficulties.



InfantBabyCares aims to help parents find solutions to the most common parenting issues and to improve parenting confidence always!

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Let's break down some of the myths! Motherhood is not a natural instinct for many (many) women. We help you understand the struggles!